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   My name is Roushanak. I've pursued a career in civil engineering, which led to my fascination of visual arts in my personal life. I have always designed parties, my house, and notebooks in an artistic way that helped me perfect my core works such as my paintings.


   Regardless on the fact that I never had any academic experience in visual arts, I fulfilled my passion mostly through self-teaching, attending various workshops in my local community and working with a great mentor called Mr. Atashzad for couple of years. I have used different medias for my self-expression with the main focus on watercolour painting.


   In the middle of this crowded life, painting brings me joy, happiness and serenity. I love nature in every shape and form, and creatures like flowers blow my mind. I buy them for my home, plant them in my yard, take pictures of them for pleasure and then paint them.



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